Saturday, April 17, 2010

Voice and Piano Recital was Friday night

video is a fast forward of some of the selections from the Spring Recital

The Coker college Spring Recital for voice and piano students was held on Friday night at the First Presbyterian Church in Hartsville. Serena Hill, adjunct professor of voice coordinated the recital with Ronda McElveen assisting the students as the piano accompanist. While these students were performing in the recital many of their colleagues were enjoying themselves at the Coker College Bandfest, an annual end-of-year student bash on campus.

As the year is coming to a close there are lots of things happening nearly every day and often all through the day. Earlier on Friday I had the opportunity to see a performance by the Coker College Dance Department Repertory Company that highlighted much of what they had worked on this year. And, then there was also the annual Crew race among the girls of the four classes (frosh and juniors vs sophs and seniors. Turns out the sophs and seniors won again this year, after taking the race by a bow last year.

In classes we finished up the Communication Senior Seminar research project presentations on Friday and one of my colleagues was giving his speech classes the written portion of their final exam on Friday. These little snippets give you an idea of the variety of things that are ongoing as the semester comes to a close.

Students participating in the Spring Recital included: Avery Bateman, Jill Brantley, Rachel Buchanan, Morgan Etheridge, Kyle Berry, Amanda Groves, Morgan Hairston, Tara Haynes, Star Jarrells, Devin Jennings, Joshua McKenny, Ashley West, Tiffany Ross, Allyson (Mary) Osborne, Amanda Groves, Stephanie McGlothlin, Estebon Middleton, Jonathan Moree, Latavia Smith, Amesha Johnson, Paige ManWaring, Julio Ruiz, Valerie Wilke, Marlin Ketter accompanied by Allyson Osborne, and Dustin Moree.

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