Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Advanced public speakers thinking SUN

We are working on persuasion as the goal for most of the speeches in Advanced Public Speaking this semester. Today we had a little convergence of topics -- maybe because the speakers knew the temperatures today would be the mid-90s and people would have their minds on the sun.

So, one of the speakers persuades the audience to forget about the sun totally -- it causes really bad cancer. He is followed a speaker or two later by the message that you really have to live life on the edge and among the things you might do to create memories would be a fun skinny dip and then maybe later laying out in the sun without the benefit of sunscreen. Two lifetime memories she said.

A third speaker urged that every one take full advantage of the sun but be sure you wear sunscreen -- not tanning lotion.

Seemed like it would be appropriate to mention that as I see some facebook messages from people who a) either spent too much time in today's sun; or b) ignored the advice about the sunscreen.

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