Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Professional Speaker "Step into the F-I-R-E"

Pat Park, a professional speaker and trainer and owner of Sunrise Motivations, Inc. spoke to the Coker College Advanced Public Speaking Class on Tuesday, April 13.

I have had the opportunity to lead an Advanced Public Speaking class about three times over the past couple of years. It is a class that focuses on persuasive public speaking. One of the aspects I have wanted to include in this class is a visit from a public speaker who has worked "the circuit" and who could talk to the students about the various aspects of making speaking a career alternative. Pat Park, owner of Sunrise Motivations, made that a reality this semester.

She is a motivational speaker and a professional trainer who emphasizes messages of customer service. The past few years she has been doing a bit less traveling and has been focusing a a sales and consulting career closer to home.

Pat's presentation this morning included a shorter version of her keynote speech - Step Into the Fire, as well as some overall background on key elements of getting started with a speaking career. The students appeared very involved in her presentation and I think she may have shown a couple of them that a speaking career could be in their future. From the instructor's perspective, she brought a good bit of closure to the importance of differentiation, the importance of professionalism, the importance of preparation, the importance of knowing your audience and the importance of answering the question -- why this subject and why YOU on this subject.

We have been using a text for this class called THANK YOU FOR ARGUING that emphasizes several of Aristotle's key appeals -- logos, ethos and pathos with a strong emphasis on the ethos factor. Our speaker this morning gave some great real world examples of the various elements of ethos that Jay Heinrichs emphasizes in his book.

On behalf of the class, we thank Pat Park for sharing some of her expertise at Coker College.

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