Monday, January 30, 2012

Coker opens Lacrosse play on February 10

The Coker College Lacrosse team will take the field for the first time in regular season play on February 10, 2012 at the Byerly Park in Hartsville, S.C. against Shorter College.

Lots of people have never seen a lacrosse game so it seems a quick overview of some rules would be worth a blog post. This post is using information from a dedicated to lacrosse, called You should probably visit for more in-depth information on what is called the "fastest game on two feet."


Lacrosse is a fast moving sport.

There are 10 people from a team on the field at a time (20 people on the field total). There are 3 attackmen, 3 middies, 3 defensemen and 1 goalie.

Much like basketball, there are 4 quarters in a game, and the team with the most points at the end of the games wins.

A player scores by shooting the ball from their stick's pocket into the opposing team's goal.

The lacrosse ball is about the size of a baseball. It is a solid rubber ball.

Men's Lacrosse Rules

Men's lacrosse is a contact game played by ten players: a goalie, three defensemen, three midfielders and three attackmen. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal. The team scoring the most goals wins.

Each team must keep at least four players, including the goalie, in its defensive half of the field and three in its offensive half. Three players (midfielders) may roam the entire field.

Collegiate games are 60 minutes long, with 15-minute quarters. Generally, high school games are 48 minutes long, with 12-minute quarters. Likewise, youth games are 32 minutes long, with eight-minute quarters. Each team is given a two-minute break between the first and second quarters, and the third and fourth quarters. Halftime is ten minutes long.

You will find a great deal of information at the site where those quick rules were found,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cobra women convincing winners




The Coker College Women's basketball campaign for the 2011/2012 season opened with great games but the Cobras coming up short by one, two of three points -- sometimes more because of fouls to get the ball back but they were close losses. Int he record book it does not matter if it is one point of lots of points. The team with the most points win. That was disheartening to the players, who were all working hard for the "dub" (I hope what means win.) Finally, the past two games the Cobra women have found the secret and they have been on top in convincing fashion in the two conference match ups. You can tell from their smiles, they like winning a lot more than not winning.
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today opens the Spring 2012 Semester

For Seniors, the opening of a new Spring semester means they are about 16 weeks from graduation. Jessica graduated a couple of years ago and is now in Grad School.

Lacrosse will face off for the first time at Coker College this spring as Coach Tony Smith enters Conference Carolinas play with the first Coker Lacrosse team.

...and there is a great deal going on at Coker in these early days of the semester.

The Classroom is where much of the action begins this morning. Dr. Lellis just arrived, he is teaching a video production class that starts at 8 a.m. I have just about 20 students in a Public Relations Writing Class that begins at 9:30 and I am looking forward to helping guide students in an area that I believe will provide them an opportunity to build a strong work-place skill. Dr. Glantz (Coach)starts a new class this afternoon called Argumentation and Debate. He is going to be coaching Coker's new debate team and will be using this class a core for that team. Okay, there are other disciplines on the Coker campus, but these are some of the Tuesday/Thursday offerings for Communication.

There is a lot more happening today as the home basketball conference games open at 5:30 with the Women and the Men will follow about 8 p.m. They are playing Barton today and both teams are planning to bounce back from close losses on Tuesday night at Mt. Olive.

As basketball continues, many of the Spring sports will be opening practice over the next couple of days. As a former lacrosse player, I am excited about Coker's first-ever lacrosse team. Coach Smith said the team will open official practice on Saturday at the Byerly Park fields in Hartsville. Coach Dave will have the baseball team on the diamond and Coach Baker said his golf teams (Men and Women) will be opening practice on Friday with some focus exercises. Saturday, the tennis coach is hosting a faculty-staff tennis event as he prepares his teams (Men and Women) for their spring seasons.

I have noticed posters advertising a comedian who will entertain and a couple of guys who are going to talk about dating strategies - so I think students are going to find some interesting things to keep them entertained. The entire Hartsville community is in for a Concert treat on Sunday afternoon as former Coker Music Professor Steve Carlson is on stage for a piano concert sponsored by the Hartsville/Coker College Concert Association.

And, not far from the campus this Saturday will be the downtown Marketplace in Hartsville and a lot of Hartsville merchants in their stores wanting to welcome Coker students back for the Spring 2012 semester.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Semester begins this week - Spring 2012

With some trepidation I am looking forward to this new semester at Coker College. Overall we have a great selection of classes for the Communication majors and minors and I have a personally rich schedule. This semester I have one public speaking class, a public relations writing class, a persuasion class and a marketing communication class. The trepidation is that the last three are especially time intensive for both the students and instructor and all three have changed significantly since my last time teaching them - about two years ago.

Communication has been changing more than just about any facet of human existence over the past few years and keeping up with these changes is challenge for the classroom. You are right, some basic principles never change and we will get to them. The problem is channels, delivery, audience, audience segmentation methods, results, time frames are radically changed from just two years ago. Persuasion is where I might get the biggest argument from others who say how could that change. We are still using principles brought to us so clearly by Aristotle. I am with you on that. Now, two years ago would most of us have thought that channels of communication would have changed so much that an "Arab Spring" would not only be feasible; it would have happened? This is another example of the cliched or proverbial "double-edged sword." The reason I love teaching in the communication field so much is the dynamism of the subject area. The reason it seems such a challenge is the dynamism of the field.

Looking forward to seeing what this next 16 weeks have to offer.