Saturday, November 17, 2012

Radio: The Port In The Storm - On The Media

Radio: The Port In The Storm - On The Media

One resource I try to ensure that my Coker College Introduction to Mass Communication students know is the radio program ON THE MEDIA.  Whether an undergraduate communication major, a communication instructor or a citizen needing to know more about the how/why/what of media -- this is a valuable resouce.  One of our book chapters was on radio and here is a great story showing how radio, an often forgotten medium, can come to the rescue in difficult times.  I think everyone thinking of themselves as life-long learners will want to know about this resource -- and maybe even contribute to its existence.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

James Sweeney featured in NCAA on campus video!soccer-men/2012-11-12/campus-coker-college-standout-james-sweeney

Just really enjoyed a video of James Sweeney about his soccer experience and his experience as a 4.0 mathematics major in an NCAA On Campus video. Really good stuff and I think others will enjoy it too. James is our Coker College starting goalie -- at least he was during his four years on the soccer pitch for Coker.

Here is the message from Chris Dougherty of Coker Sports Media Relations concerning this video:

Chris Dougherty
5:15 PM (13 hours ago)

to students-l, faculty-l, staff-l, adjuncts-l
Good evening,

James Sweeney, a senior soccer player, is featured in the latest
edition of NCAA On Campus, an online video segment that profiles the
top student-athletes and inspirational stories across the country.
Produced by Lee Nassau, of DL Images, the video follows Sweeney's
journey as a four-year starter as Coker's goalie, along with his
success in the classroom as a 4.0 mathematics major. It features
interviews with Sweeney, head coach Paul Leese, assistant professor of
mathematics Paul Dostert, soccer teammates Noah Lascell and Mark
Nankervis, and an introduction by dual-sport athlete Kelley Godbout.

The link to the story is below. It can also be seen on our YouTube channels.

Please be sure to check it out and congratulate James on his fine


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday morning in the office

Looking forward to talking with a baseball recruit in a couple of minutes. Coach Dave sometimes lets me talk with recruits about the other side of the athlete's experience on the Coker College campus - the classroom. This is something I really enjoy doing and I appreciate Coach asking. It seems to me when he connects the recruits (sometimes their parents) with the faculty it helps them begin to understand the breadth of the experience that awaits them when they begin their college years. Over the past few years I have been able to meet a good number of recruits who have become students and friends over their Coker career and beyond. And, the meeting is at 10 -- using Schomotzer time, I should have already been in the library.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SGA at Coke College puts on a fun Celebrate Democracy Event

 Students enjoyed some food, snacks, lots of post-election results coverage and time with each other on Tuesday at the Coker College Student gathering area. SGA came up with the idea and did a nice job of putting the event together. And, they called it right when they decided they might get a crowd if they had some food. Pizza and tacos were the staples with some celebratory cake to add to the mix.

Hartsvillian Michael Baxley joined the students for a couple of hours duirng the viewing. Judge Baxley, he is a State Circuit Court Judge, said he was interested in getting a student perspective on the presidential race and said he enjoyed his time around the younger people.  Several students in the 8 a.m. speech class said they had stayed up for the results though several did admit to falling asleep before the election was called. A couple, however, had seen the concession speech and the victory speech and they still stayed awake for our review of the informative speaking process.  We did view clips of those two speeches because they did such a great job in demonstrating the power of a well presented talk.
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day of the Dead grows in popularity

Dr. Mac Williams began celebrating the Day of the Dead with Coker College students soon after he joined the campus. Friday evening, November 2, was the 2012 Día de los Muertos. This is part of the email invitation Don Mac sent out to the Coker Community:
"Friday CCCC(Coker College Culture Club) is holding it's annual Day of the Dead Observance.  It's open to the public, so please feel free to bring families, neighbors, and friends.  All are welcome to create an altar for anyone who has passed away, even celebrities and pets.  It's a really peaceful and beautiful time, and I hope all can make it. "

Don Mac has a way of reaching his students and one proof of that was the larger crowd that came out the celebration this past Friday night. There were students, faculty, staff, former students, and community residents -- all joining in the celebration of memory.  I hesitate to describe the event as "Cool" because maybe I am not the right generation for that description but there was something just cool as this concept resonated with such a wide variety of people. And, the event has taken on a life in the Coker community -- pretty much part of our November culture.

I grew up in a culture where November 2 was called All Soul's Day but by the time I was growing up, the Holy Day was on the First -- which was All Saint's.  The rest of the souls really did not get that much attention. Don Mac has found a way to bridge many of the natural barriers of our culture and provide a lot of people with the comfort of shared memory. Don Mac, Muchas Gracias.

Top Photo == Grffin Sullivan built a memory of his grandfathers for the Coker College Day of the Dead Observance.
Next Photo -- Don Mac and many others in discussion of the altars of memories on display.
Bottom Photo -- participants in the Day of the Dead Coker College observance getting creative with the skull art.