Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Women Golfers Get Academic All American Attention at Coker College

The following news release was distributed by Coker College on July 2:

Coker Athletics July 2, 2013

HARTSVILLE, S.C. – A trio of Coker College women's golfers – Mallory Thompkins, Sara Allen and Taylor Demby – were recently named to the Women's Golf Coaches Association All-American Scholars team for Division II. A total of 644 women's collegiate golfers were recognized across Division I, II and III.
"Mallory, Sara and Tayloe have worked very hard at being complete student-athletes," said head coach Tommy Baker. "They have learned the balance of being a committed student-athlete for Coker College, and most importantly for themselves. I am so proud of these three ladies for their commitment to excellent, on and off the golf course."
Thompkins is a junior education major with concentrations in early childhood education and elementary education. She participated in all nine events this past season, averaging 84.8 per round, which was tied for tops on the team. Thompkins' low round was a 78 at the Lander Bearcat Invitational.
Mallory is from Georgetown, S.C., and is the daughter of Mitch and Jamie Thompkins.
Allen, a junior, is a communications major at Coker. She played in six events this season and averaged 87.8. Her low round was a 79 at the Anderson University Invitational.
Sara is originally from Fort Mill, S.C., and is the daughter of Randy and Helen Allen.
Demby is a sophomore undeclared major. She played in all nine events and was third on the team with an 85 average. Demby's best round was a 75 at the Montreat Invitational. It was also the lowest individual round fo the team this season.
Taylor hails from Chesterfield, S.C. She is the daughter of Gregg and Angela Demby.

Criteria for WGCA All-American Scholar Teams
To be nominated, a student-athlete must meet have an overall GPA of 3.50 or higher (on a 4.00 scale) for the entirety of their collegiate career, be in attendance at the certifying institution for the entire academic year, be of high moral character and in good standing at the college making the nomination, have played in 66 percent of the college's regularly scheduled competitive rounds during the year nominated (Division II only), and the head coach of the school making nominations must be an active member of the WGCA.
About WGCA
The Women's Golf Coaches Association (WGCA), formerly known as the National Golf Coaches Association (NGCA), began in 1983 as an organization to promote participation in women's collegiate golf. The vision of the WGCA since its inception has been to encourage the playing of intercollegiate golf for women in correlation with a general objective of education and in accordance with the highest tradition of intercollegiate competition.
The WGCA instills within coaches of women's golf a deeper sense of responsibility for the promotion, development, maintenance and conduct of competitive golf for women.
Today, the WGCA represents the finest coaches in women's golf with a membership of over 550 coaches of Division I, II & III, NAIA and NJCAA collegiate programs.
The organization provides its membership with a numerous benefits including industry recognition through prestigious awards, opportunity to participate in educational and networking events, cost-savings through association sponsored programs and communication through its many features on www.wgcagolf.com.
WGCA is governed by a 13 member Board of Directors including women's collegiate golf coaches at Division I, II & III institutions. The WGCA Headquarters is based in Coral Springs, Florida and is staffed by Executive Director Roger M. Yaffe.
For more information, contact Chris Dougherty, manager of athletics media relations and marketing, at 843-383-8018 or cdougherty@coker.edu.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Cookie Connection at Coker College

Barbara Steadman, who is our medial relations expert at Coker College, is a long-time relationship builder. She has brought her tradition of Friday home-baked cookies to the Coker campus. Every Friday morning she introduces the cookies of the day in a cute email connected to something, somehow germane to the time. She invites people from around the campus to come for the Friday cookie fix and to share some of "shat's happening" in their worlds.

Barb has a great system here for building relationships and for getting the word and I often use it in class as a "how to" example for increasing the seendipity that comes in chance meetings that do not always have to be 'chance."

Barb, thanks for the cookies. For others, today's cookies were in honor of Flag Day (June 14) ans were the old American staple of chocolate chip -- I believe she had three kinds of chocolate chips.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Always enjoy visiting with former Coker College students

This was a fortuitous week and it is only Tuesday.

One of my former students, Tim Morton, who majored in both business and communication and also played tennis was in town. He works in Europe for Sonoco and is the states for business to be followed by vacation. He earned a masters in communication from N.C. State and we caught up with a quick coffee at the Midnight Rooster. Hope we can grab lunch when he comes back through.He has a number of interesting things with market studies and I hope to learn a little more from him about the way social media can be used b2b.

Then, again at the Midnight Rooster, Heather Watkins was in for morning coffee. She was a dance major while at Coker and has just returned to Hartsville after earning her Masters in Fine Arts in Dance at Sarah Lawrence in New York. She is currently in the job hunt but even more exciting is seeing her passion for finding ways to bring the power of dance to communities outside of major cities.

And in almost this same time period had another chance for a short conversation with Whitney Watts, who is on the Coker campus as the director of student housing. Whitney was also a communication major when here as an undergraduate and her masters is from the University of South Carolina. She has a vital role for our residential campus and works hard building a team to make our campus housing not just a place for sleeping but far more as an extension of the learning opportunity of college education. I get to learn new things all the time when we have opportunities to talk. In addition to her campus work, she is also active in Relay for Life and just came off the Darlington County Relay for Life event from last Saturday.

Talking with former students always demonstrates very concretely the concept of life-long learning because all of the conversations help me learn new things. It is just one of the great things I have found about being able to be part of an active college learning community.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Graduation Morning

The Coker College campus is coming alive before 8 a.m. -- a rare occurrence in the world of Academia!

Graduation begins at 8:30 for the class of 2013 and the excitement is great for those who have accomplished this major life goal and those family, friends and colleagues who supported them through it.

Yesterday I heard a news report about 2013 college graduates. They tend to fit a certain profile. Those looking at the Coker College Class of 2013 are not going to see that stereotype. We have a diverse class, helped in part by those adults students in the Coker ALPHA program who have attained their degree through the evening program.  We also have a high proportion of Pee Dee area/South Carolina residents in our class and they are going to be of several races, multi-gendered, and age diverse.  Women will dominate in numbers but we do have a high percentage of males graduating - against, we are a bit against what is now being considered the norm.

Forget about the stats. When it comes to graduation the most important matter is the CELEBRATION that all the graduates should be having for becoming one of the approximately one percent of the world's population holding a college degree.

Andrea Hunter, in photo below, was at the store getting some water and snacks to fortify herself for the Coker College graduation.

And there will be some graduates missing from today's ceremony as the seniors on the Coker College baseball team are competing in the NCAA Division 2 Regional Tournament. Dr. Wyatt says he will hold a special graduation ceremony for those guys at the tournament site on Sunday. Some of those guys in this bottom photo are graduating.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Coker College Women's Lacrosse announces first recruits

As a lacrosse fan and a faculty member happy that we have lacrosse on the Coker College campus, I wanted to share Chris Dougherty's news release about the first women's lacrosse recruits.  So far, no photos because the first team is enrolling in school this new term, Fall 13:

May 10, 2013

Coker Women’s Lacrosse Announces First Class

HARTSVILLE, S.C. – Coker College women's lacrosse coach Steve Efland announced the first-ever recruiting class for the program today. Ashlyn Burgett, Marabeth Durden, Hayley Ferone, Sarah Gulledge, Danielle Holcomb, Karah Huntsinger, Kaitlyn Kimball, Mandalyn Lopez, Kaiti Miller, Lindsay Ordemann and Stephanie Pratapas will join the Cobras beginning in the 2013-14 academic year.
"I am thrilled for Coker College's first-ever women's lacrosse recruiting class," Efland said. "These young ladies coming in are very athletic, enthusiastic and fit in well with what we are trying to build as a program. They're strong players on and off the field, and it's going to be so much fun to work with them."
Burgett, an attacker, comes from Seminole High School in Florida. She was a two-time varsity letterwinner and served as a captain for the Seminoles.
Burgett intends to major in political science at Coker. She is the daughter of Bobby and Kathy Burgett.
Durden, a defensive player, is from Timber Creek High School in Florida. She was a member of the two-time district champion Timber Creek team and played on Florida's team in the national tournament. Durden also played on the RC Elite and CFLC Hawks travel squads.
Durden intends to be an education major with a concentration in early childhood education. She is the daughter of Michael Durden, Mitzi Sheppard, Karl Sheppard and Lisa Durden.
Ferone is an attacker from Olympia High School in Florida, where she was an all-metro selection. She was recently named to the U.S. Lacrosse All-American team and also plays for the Lax Maniax club program.
Hayley is the daughter of Ed and Debbie Ferone.
Gulledge, an offensive player, hails from Surfside Beach, S.C. She attends St. James High School but participated in lacrosse for Socastee High School. As a senior she was first team all-state and finished the season with 56 goals and 10 assists.
Sarah is the daughter of Bill and Leigh Gulledge.
Holcomb, a midfielder, also comes from Seminole High School in Florida, where she was a two-sport athlete in lacrosse and wrestling. Holcomb was a four-year letterwinner in lacrosse and led the team in scoring as a junior.
Holcomb plans to major in communications. She is the daughter of Charles and Mary Holcomb.
Huntsinger plays both offense and defense, and she comes from Fort Mill High School in South Carolina. She was a two-sport athlete in lacrosse and softball for the Yellow Jackets.
Karah is the daughter of Dan and Kathy Huntsinger.
Kimball, a defensive player, comes from Winter Springs High School in Florida. She was a four-sport athlete in lacrosse, soccer, track and field, and weightlifting. Kimball played lacrosse under Efland for the Bears. She is also a member of the Hericanes Lacrosse Club.
Kaitlyn is the daughter of Ronald and Emily Kimball.
Lopez, a goalie, is also from Winter Springs High School and played under Efland. She was a two-sport athlete in lacrosse and basketball. As a senior she was a captain and first team all-conference. Lopez also played on the RC Elite and Hericanes club teams.
Mandalyn is the daughter of Ruben and Stacey Lopez.
Miller, an offensive player, comes from Dutch Fork High School in South Carolina. In addition to lacrosse, she was a member of the color guard, where she served as a co-captain.
Miller intends to major in education. She is the daughter of Kevin and Dawn Miller.
Ordemann is a defensive player from Toms River North High School in New Jersey. She was a two-sport athlete in lacrosse and soccer for the Mariners. Ordemann's team won back-to-back A South champions out of the Shore Conference.
Lindsay is the daughter of Charles and Susan Ordemann.
Pratapas is a midfielder transferring from Northern Virginia Community College. She is originally from Brentsville District High School in Virginia, where she was a three-sport athlete in lacrosse, basketball and soccer.
Pratapas is set to major in communications. She is the daughter of Anthony and Caroline Pratapas.
For more information, contact Chris Dougherty, manager of athletics media relations and marketing, at 843-383-8018 or cdougherty@coker.edu.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Morning News Sports Editor Talks Coker College Athletics


Photo by Coker College of Athletic Awards on May 1, 2013

Years ago. I mean, years ago I was an adjunct instructor at Coker when I had an opportunity for a rare day class. (It was a great class for me.) But, what I also remember is the college had a major discussion happening about the question of bringing a baseball team to the school. The baseball team was a way to add men, to what was still a very female focused student body, and to add students in the continuing quest to grow. But, the idea of growing through sports had not yet taken a firm hold and the debate appeared robust.

Baseball was added and the idea of sports being a significant contributor to the growth of the college took root. Today, one of the major growth strategies for Coker's reaching our magic 1500 student number is through sports.  The column linked to this post talks of some of the college's orientation to the strategy and Mark (the writer) has a good handle on the issues from the macro perspective.

Student Athletes Participate in the Classroom
From the micro perspective - the student in the classroom - this instructor finds the growth strategy to be effective. While not true in every single case, there is a motivation to a student athlete that does often carry over to the classroom. Often, those of us leading the classroom have to work a little harder to make the connection, but most student athletes (like most student performers) have been multi-tasking for much of their lives and they know they CAN -- the key is making it happen.

Years ago when the S. C. Governors School was moving from the Coker campus to their own campus we needed to grow. I suggested lacrosse then -- my favorite sport. It did not happen then but we have it on campus now. This coming semester we will also have Women's lacrosse and we will have wrestling and we are gearing up for a new conference in all sports. The strategy is working but like all strategies, it has to be worked -- nothing just happens.

New Sport Announced for 2014 Academic Year
Coker College announced today that it will be fielding track and field in the 2014 academic year.

As an aside -- Congratulations to all the MVPs honored at last night's Athletic Award Ceremony!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Provost Engages With Students In Seminar

Dr. Parkinson spoke with students in the Communication Senior Seminar

One of the classes I have enjoyed for years is the Coker College Senior Seminar, our Capstone Class in the communication major. The course covers a lot of territory with students most focused on their last major project for the degree -- a major research effort or a major communication project.

In additon to the research, several years ago I implemented a time for students to hear from others around the Coker campus with whom they might not have had much interaction. I asked those people just to come in an talk -- maybe some life lessons, maybe some life story, maybe some new ideas about life's exploration.  That section has always been a rewarding part of the class for me.

Earlier today Dr. Tracy Parkinson, the Provost and Dean of the College, sparked interest among the students by discussing several aspects of their own college life. He initiated some discussion about how we bring students into our learning community. He sparked some discussion on the role and place of liberal arts in our learning community. And, he sparked some discussion about how education and the workplace generally come together. It appeared, from where I was sitting, that the students enjoyed the interchange. Again, from my perspective, one of the really interesting things about being a Coker College faculty member is the ability to almost nonchalantly have a member of the college's leadership team take their time and become part of a class.

In a note back to the students Dr. Parkinson shared his enjoyement of the hour and also some of the articles he had used to spark some thoughts in his own head as he prepared for sharing with them. He said I could use the note for this blog:


Thanks for the opportunity to visit with you.  Spending time with good students reminds me why I wanted to make a career in this field.  Personally, I both had fun and learned a lot. I was really curious to get some of your perspectives on how students successfully adjust to college (or not), how students prepare themselves for what's next (or not), what liberal arts learning means (or not).

If you get really curious, here are a few of the articles I brought with me:

Tracy S. Parkinson, Ph.D.
Provost & Dean of the Faculty

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Coker College Residence Hall Going Up

The new residence apartment village on the campus of Coker College is proceeding at a good pace as long as the rain stays away. This apartment village is set to open at the end of this summer in time for the Fall 2013 academic year. This is the first of several village residences that will be constructed as Coker moves forward with its "1500"growth plan. The college is planning to get to 1000 traditional-age undergraduates and 500 adult undergrads.

Admitted Students' Day
This Saturday will be the 2013 Admitted Students' Day and Adam Connolly, Coker's admissions director, says we are expecting a record number of students for the introduction to Coker College life. This is an exciting day and I look forward to both the Parent-Roundtable class I will get to do as well as the advising for the potential new students. As I told students in my speech class earlier this week when we spoke about language: "I hope the prospective students are very perceptive and able to develop a perspective on the college that will lead them to determine this is where they want to get their undergraduate education."  A major benefit of the size of Coker is that visits are important because what you see is what is offered.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring quickly arriving on the Coker College campus

                                                   the Coker College campus.

On the way back to the Coker campus after lunch today the grassy area between the dorms and Davidson Hall, the main classroom building, was swarmed with students enjoying the Spring-like weather. There is the air of excitement as we head into the last half of the semester and get daily proof of the potential of rebirth and reawakening and reward of hard work.

Another sign of Spring on the campus is the excitement of Cobra baseball and softball and the diamonds are singing the sounds of spring.

Coker College Announces Academic Celebration

  The following news release discusses the Celebration of Academics that is taking place next week. One of the highlights of this Celebration will be the "Last Lecture" by Dr. George Lellis, Professor of Communication, at 7 p.m. on Monday evening. The list of events for this special event is included in the college's news release:

Fourth Annual Celebration of Academics 

HARTSVILLE, S.C. – March 19, 2013 – Continuing a tradition that began at Coker College President Robert Wyatt’s inauguration, Coker will host a campus-wide Celebration of Academics, March 25–27.

“One of the most satisfying aspects of putting these programs together is the knowledge that students, faculty, staff and the community grow as a result,” said professor of political science and philosophy Jim Lemke, who organizes the annual Celebration of Academics and directs the Center for Research in Leadership and Community Development at Coker College.

“When dozens of creative scholars – writers, scientists and artists of all forms – gather to share personal stories of their academic explorations, something quite special inevitably occurs.  Engagement becomes learning, students and faculty become collaborators and we become a more vibrant community.”

Among the many presentations in this year’s celebration is a lecture by retiring professor of communication George Lellis, dozens of poster presentations of student research and service-learning projects, and nearly two dozen presentations of student-faculty research projects.

The culminating presentation of Coker’s annual Performing Arts Showcase will be performed at 7:30 p.m. March 27 in Watson Theater of the Elizabeth Boatwright Coker Performing Arts Center. 

The following events of the Celebration of Academics are free and open to the public:

Monday, March 25
Community Service Poster Display, Library                                                           9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
2013 Last Lecture - George Lellis Lecture, Davidson Hall                                   7 p.m.
2013 Last Lecture Reception, Drawing Room                                                       following lecture

Tuesday, March 26
Student Research Symposium, Library                                                                   1 to 6 p.m.

Wednesday, March 27
Faculty-Student Presentations*, various locations                                            1 to 5 p.m.
Performing Arts Showcase, Watson Theater                                                       7:30 p.m.
Reception, Stein Gallery                                                                                           following show

For more information about the events scheduled as part of the 2013 Celebration of Academics at Coker College, visit www.coker.edu/celebration-of-academics.html

Thursday, January 31, 2013

COW Days delighting the Coker College campus

Dr. Jason Umfress recently sent an email discussion a long-standing tradition at Coker -- COW Days. I thought it would be interesting for readers to hear his history and perspective and I am sharing Dr. Umfress' email in this space:  (photo is from COW Day events 2012. New one comes up Saturday afternoon beginning at 3 p.m)

Dear Coker,
      You have to have been in a coma this week not to know that we are in the middle of a long-standing campus tradition / celebration - C.O.W. Days!  For those of you who are new to campus, C.O.W. is an acronym for Coker Olympics of Winter.  It is a week-long celebration sponsored by the SGA Spirit & Traditions Committee and Campus Life.  Events such as Lip Sync, the Hunk Contest, kickball, dodgeball and the crowning of Miss COW are just a few of the activities students have been and will participate in throughout the week.  This long-standing, quirky tradition culminates with the playing of the C.O.W Day Games on Saturday morning.  Students are invited to participate in the activities with their classmates to win the coveted title of C.O.W. Days Champions and enjoy a steak dinner afterwards. The  C.O.W. Days schedule is listed below.  For more information, contact the Campus Life Office or a member of the SGA.
      C.O.W. Days is just one of many events we do at Coker in the name of “tradition.”  Traditions, however, are merely repeated actions unless we pause to celebrate the meaning and history behind them.  When I first arrived to campus, I was curious as to how C.O.W. Days got started, so I did a little research.  This is what I found.  
     C.O.W. days began in the fall of 1975 when the newly formed Coker College Union (or CCU) was meeting to plan their spring events.  Professor Fred Edinger, then the Director of Student Life, was the group's advisor.  The students noted the lack of activities during the dull, gray winter months.  After a bit of brainstorming, a student suggested they have a competition where classes would compete against each other in a variety of silly games.  The competition would be modeled after a popular television show at the time, “Almost Anything Goes.”  (Watch this YouTube Video to get an idea:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDTe1h4mCGQ)  The impending Winter Olympics of 1976, to be played in Innsbruck,  Austria, provided inspiration for naming the event the Coker Olympics of Winter.   Under Professor Edinger’s guidance, the students prepared a list of games, solicited participants, and hoped for the best.  To their delight,  C.O.W. Days was an instant success!  Students loved the idea of competing against their classmates, participating in fun activities, and getting a little messy…all in the name of Coker class pride.   The 1976 games were successful, and plans were made to continue the event the next year.  The rest, as they say, is history. 
     While C.O.W. Days games have changed over the years, a few have withstood the test of time.  The egg toss almost guarantees that someone will leave with a little egg on their face.  Tug of war puts class against class in a battle that used to take place over the reflection pool (which was behind Davidson).  And the tobacco spitting contest allows Coker’s ladies to strut…or spit…their stuff for distance and bragging rights.  These, along with other games played at the first C.O.W. Days, are still a part of our celebration today. 
     As we continue the C.O.W. Days celebration, I encourage you to take an active role in contributing to Coker’s rich history and traditions.  Take part in as many activities as you can, pause to appreciate this peculiar Coker tradition, and help us write another successful chapter in C.O.W. Days history.  I hope to see you there!! 

Stay Engaged,

Come out and support GREEN MACHINE and VOILET POWER
C.O.W. Days 2013 Schedule
1/28 - Hunk Contest @ 8pm (Davidson)
1/29 – Faculty/Staff vs. Students Dodgeball Game @ 8pm (Gym)
1/30 - Kickball @ 8pm (Bell Tower Lawn) 
1/31 - MISS COW @ 9:30pm (Music Recital Hall)
2/1 - Lip Sync Contest @ 8pm (Davidson)
2/2 - COW Day Games @ 3pm (Bell Tower Lawn)
2/2 - COW Days After Party @ 10pm (Cobra Den)

Jason W. Umfress, Ph.D