Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coker's cloudless Saturday a great day for BALL

The Coker baseball team will start at noon and the Cobra softball team will start at 1 p.m. and the February temperatures will be in the high sixties or seventies as the games progress -- seemed these warm days would never get here this winter but they are back.

I came down to the office this Saturday morning and as I was opening the door several frosh baseball players were heading over to the field - a little after 8 a.m. Yesterday I got this great promotional video from a former student and a former Coker baseball player, Tom Oschip. He is helping to manage a brand new sports park in Northeastern Ohio call Victory Park. When I saw the video a fleeting thought was it's a good thing he learned a little about field management when on the Cobra team. While I did get a strange look when I mentioned that field maintenance was a good skill to develop, I do believe the player I said that to will feel it in the future. Often, when you are doing the things you really enjoy doing, you are a bit more committed than you might have ever expected. In fact, bet if I rode my bicycle down to the softball field Coach Hanna is probably dragging the baselines getting ready for today's souble header after yesterday's opening season victories.

Division II coaches often find themselves not only the leader of the team but also the primary maintenance crew, the primary recruiter, the primary general manager, the primary equipment manager. Those things are part of the investment for doing the things you really want to do - instead of opting for a "real" job that might give you time to enjoy part of those things on some weekends.

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