Friday, February 11, 2011

Cobras amped for Charlotte | SCNOW

Big day for Cobra Athletics

Hartsville is a small cosmopolitan city. Charlotte is a a much larger cosmopolitan city. And, Charlotte is about 80 miles north west of Hartsville. But, on February 10 the Charlotte Bobcat Arena will be the home venue for the Coker Cobras playing Barton. Those basketball games, women starting about 12:30 and the men at 2:30 will be a prelude to the Bobcats game that begins at 7:30 Friday evening. Some of Coker's followers and donors will also be at that Bobcat game to enjoy the professional sports atmosphere of the NBA and learn more about plans for a new field house complex for the Coker College campus. This should be an interesting day in Charlotte for the Cobras and their fans. Below is a link to a good story in the Morning News about today's games.

Cobras amped for Charlotte | SCNOW

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