Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lacrosse season coming to Coker


The Coker College Lacrosse team is getting closer to reality. Coach Tony Smith has been night and day recruiting and current students have been talking about becoming walk-ons as the college gears up for its first lacrosse team beginning in the Fall of 2011. The mean looking helmet is more tangible evidence of the approaching season.

I was able to play lacrosse for a couple of years while in college -- guess because they needed bodies. I was not that good and had never seen a lacrosse stick before getting to Cortland. I still remember it as one of the most enjoyable sports I have played. I do believe it is called the fastest sport on two feet and, while I could be wrong about this, i think it is the official sport of Canada. I know hockey is more popular up there but I believe lacrosse has that title. No matter, college lacrosse is an amazingly entertaining sport!

I am looking forward to Coker Lax.
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