Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Governor Haley in Hartsville to discuss emergency response

City, county, state and company officials survey the fire fighting efforts to quell the hot spots still smoking from the fertilizer plant fire. There was significant property damage but no injuries from this major blaze.

From all reports, the coordination among city, county and state emergency responders to the fertilizer plant fire worked really well and was continuing on Wednesday afternoon as the Governor was in the city to get a close view of the situation.

Red Cross was still on the scene of the fertilizer plant fire providing food for emergency response personnel including fire fighters from several departments, law enforcement from several departments and state organizations.

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Governor Haley arrives at the American Legion Hut in Hartsville to begin a short discussion with emergency responders and local officials. Accompanying the Governor are Mayor Mel Pennington and Representative Jay Lucas.

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  1. A major part of the sabbatical that I am on this semester is to observe and write about various community building issues. A major disaster in the city is one of the issues that will GRAB some attention and this week's fire certainly grabbed the attention of a lot of people. I may use this as a case study for the Crisis Communication/Media Relations class that I teach.