Friday, August 14, 2009

Students present Biology research in Oregon

Dr. Joe Flaherty is building what I think of as an amazing student research program at the Coker biology labs in Hartsville. He just shared with our Faculty Senate Chair, Will Carswell, that two students were able to present research at a major conferenc of the American Phytopathology Society. So, I am including the email that Dr. Carswell shared with the Coker Community. This is impressive work for the students and Dr. Flaherty:

Coker students Ms. Elisabeth Stamey (senior, Biology Education) and Ms. Rebecca Armentrout (sophomore, Biology) presented a research paper at the 101st Annual Meeting of the American Phytopathology Society (APS) held in Portland, Oregon (from Aug. 1st to 4th). The title of the presentation was “Molecular Characterization of Insertional Mutant 8B5 of Fusarium graminearum”. This work was conducted at Coker College under the direction of Dr. Joseph Flaherty, who accompanied the students and has been an active member of APS for 15 years. This conference hosted over 1,900 registrants who represent scientists from over 60 countries.

The American Phytopathological Society (APS) is the premier society dedicated to high-quality, innovative plant pathology research. For more than a century, members of APS have been making and sharing significant breakthroughs, both for the science and society. APS is driven by a distinctive community of scientists, whose energy and commitment ensure the global advancement of this critical science.

APS members represent a broad range of specialties, from pushing frontiers in the accuracy and speed of field diagnosis, to increasing our understanding of plant pathology through laboratory research. Members come from academia, government, industry, and private practice. The diversity of the members and science makes the society pertinent to a multitude of research areas, while the international involvement ensures that the latest innovations from around the world are available to all.

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