Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting Ready for the New Semester - 2

This morning working a little bit on the syllabus. One of the tools for the Coker College Mass Communication course is a series of papers the students are to write that help them think about specific topics and that also help provide the class with the variety of thought processes that arise on issues of media.

Sometimes, first-year students are a bit stymied by what the professor wants. Sometimes. So this year there is now a template for these one-page papers that students can use to format their thinking. It is going to be interesting to see if this format improves the overall quality of the papers in the course. About a quarter of the way through the semester we will do a review of how the class is going and feedback from the class should give some indication on the usefulness of this template.

Introduction to Mass Communication, Culture and Media Literacy (Com 150) is the door opening class of the communication major and is usually an enjoyable semester. And, with all the changes in the entire concept of "Mass Communication," this class includes different material each Fall. A long time ago at the University of South Carolina Dr. Lee Dudek had a favorite saying for mass communication -- "The more mass the communication, the less the communication." He would really be interested to discuss the way technology has revolutionized (is revolutionizing) the idea of mass communication.

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