Thursday, August 27, 2009

Opening Night of Soccer at Coker

Pembroke has a 35 yard penalty kick with less than 25 seconds on the clock, the kick is centered a head smashes the ball above the Coker goalie's outstretched hands into the crossbar. Coker grabs the rebound and opens the men's 2009 soccer season with a two to one VICTORY; Coach Paul Leese begins his head coaching career with a "W".

The Coker women played Newberry in the opener and after a rough first half that had them down four to nil they played tough in the second half losing their opener 4-1.

Good crowd at the games.

On a side note seems Coker Baseball Coach Dave Schmotzer got to challenging Coker's new president over some athletic feats and the two decided on a face to face bowling challenge with the winners -- the Coker Baseball team who will not have to run this Saturday morning as Wyatt topped Schomotzer in their first bowling match up. All night long ball players were coming up thanking Dr. Wyatt for his victory and their prize.

that was time for some fun but those 8 a.m. classes start at eight in the morning.

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