Monday, August 3, 2009

Signs of a new Academic Year

The first clue was a couple of weeks ago when the Dean's letter arrived welcoming the faculty to begin thinking about being back on campus. Faculty week begins August 11.

Coaches Return Today
This morning Coach Baker (golf) was in the Midnight Rooster picking up some coffee and he told me this was his first official day back. Of course, like many of the other coaches, he has been on and off campus all summer. He is excited about this coming year because he did not lose any seniors and his team is ranked with strong possibilities of winning some big tournaments this Fall and Spring.

Discussion of one of largest first-year classes
The Coker Admissions staff has been working a lot of hours and there is talk that Coker may be welcoming one of the largest, if not the largest, first-year classes ever. That is good news for a campus that is tuition dependent.

New President has interesting week
And, last week Dr. Robert Wyatt, Coker's new president, completed his first month on campus with a meeting of many members of the Coker Board of Trustees, who engaged in the first step of the strategic planning process. There were interesting small-group idea-development exercises based on some key strategic questions Dr. Wyatt is asking. On Saturday, the Alumni office had a leadership session with several alumni, who also heard from the President about his thoughts on Coker. There appeared to be a good bit excitement generated from both of these events.

Students begin coming next week with August 15 set as Arrival Day
The Fall sport athletes will begin arriving on campus this coming Sunday and then their practices will begin pretty soon after that. International students are due in a couple of days later and then all first-year students are due on campus Saturday, August 15. Time does fly!

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