Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of Classes for 2009-2010

25 students in Speech ready to go at 8 a.m.

Enjoyed the class and found a lot of reasons that Public Speaking might be the most important class you will take in your college career.

Basically, the skills from public speaking translate directly to your personal bottom line on the job, in school, in your personal life. That is one reason I get excited to serve as a coach for public speaking skills. The basic goal for this particular class is that by December 4, 2009 all of the 70 or students taking the three PS classes I am teaching will find they have improved their ability. Then, their job will be to find ways to enhance the skills because public speaking needs constant attention or rustiness sets in.

Introduction to Mass Communication is next and then Speech at noon. Another speech class and Marketing Communication are on the agenda for Thursday.

The first major assignment for all the speech students is to review the Coker College Convocation, which begins at 7:30 on Thursday evening.

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  1. And I would agree that public speaking is one of the most useful and helpful courses that one will take while at Coker or any other institution. It helped me quite a bit when I took it in the Spring of 2008. A big thanks to the communications professors at Coker College!!