Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quiet Today - Active Tomorrow

Noticed a couple of guys on the soccer field this afternoon. It is Saturday, the day before the fall athletes arrive back at Coker. Did not investigate closely but am guessing there will be some activity on that field before too many more days,

The door to the Student Building was open this afternoon, unusual for a Saturday. Jon Driggers, Dean of Students, and Amanda, chair or Orientation, were working on details. the Residence Life and orientation staff came in last Thursday and tomorrow the Commissioners and the fall athletes arrive on campus.

Some empty offices began feeling the weight of books and other supplies as some new faculty began moving in a few days early. Faculty Week officially begins on Tuesday.

And, word has it that this will be one of the largest and perhaps the largest first year class in Coker history. In this economy that is quite an accomplishment.

Now, if I could just get motivated to do the syllabi. I have Speech completed but still have to work on Introduction to Mass Communication and Marketing Communication.

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