Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A funny-weather Spring Break

** Winter weather postponed conference basketball games though they have now all been played and Coker's two teams have had good seasons come to an end.

** Earlier in the week snow at Erskine postponed the baseball game and the team is playing at home today but the temperature at noon is still hovering around 40degrees.

** The softball team was to be at Limestone but they still have snow on their field, so that trip is postponed.

** Saw some facebook photos of the choir trip to D. C. and noticed that in what is often a land of Spring blossoms there was snow on the ground.

** Professor Mac Williams writes from Savannah, GA that the International Student Organization has encountered nasty weather, though they did do a service project at an elementary school and enjoyed a meal at Paula Dean's restaurant.

** Getting very close on the announcement of a new president for Coker College.

** And, while it has nothing to do with weather, we have a major phone system changeover taking place this week as Coker goes digital with phones -- enhancing service and saving money.

** Now, if I can just catch up as I planned to do when this Spring Break week began.

Adding some video footage of the Conference Tourney game between the Coker girls and Pieffer University on Tuesday night. (twice postponed)

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