Thursday, March 19, 2009

Journalist Visits Coker Media Writing Class

Students seem to enjoy hearing from people in the field and that appeared to be the case this morning as Shireese Bell, Morning News of Florence, S. C., came over to Coker from from Florence to talk a bit about Beat Reporting.

Shireese has been the Education Reporter for the Morning News since the September after her graduation from the University of South Carolina. As I told the class this morning, it is not every starting reporter who is able to pick up an important beat like education. Shireese is probably one of the most in-the-know people when it comes to education in the Pee Dee of South Carolina.

She shared many ideas with the Writing for the Media class this morning and her off- hand discussion about the need for fostering sources, getting to know sources, discovering who has the information and who needs the information were examples that relate to nearly every page of the text book's description of beat reporting.

She also talked a bit about Convergence because the Morning News is a member of the Media General media group and they are heavily converged. She told the class that being in front of a camera is not something she enjoys but she urged class members to understand the more conversant they are with broadcast, online and print the more competitive they will be in the working world.

So, for an example of convergence, you will notice here we have an online news writing, a digital photo and video from the visit. As an instructor I really appreciate those who will come in and share they work lives with the class.

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