Friday, March 13, 2009

Amazing talent

Serena Hill, who serves as a voice professor on the Coker campus when she is not in class pursuing her DMA provided a voice recital on Thursday afternoon. Serena is a soprano and in the recital she was accompanied by Sharon Rattray on the piano and Jessica Dixon on the piccolo. No one will ever mistake me for a music critic but as an audience person I was blown away by the immense talent that Serena has. One of her goals in the concert was singing in several languages and she developed a program that was masterfully entertaining and intriguing. It is sort of amazing to be in a community where one second you are watching a doubles tennis match and the next listening to a world-class soprano. There really is something very special about working on a college campus in a vibrant learning community.

I am including a short piece of video that is not of fantastic quality but it does provide a sort of feeling about the performance that Serena presented. I doubt you would much better, anywhere.

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