Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Former student talks about his job

Charles Ellison graduated from Coker a few years back with a degree in communication. Charles was already an experienced journalist when he began Coker, having worked as weekly reporter pretty consistently from the time he was 17. He is a good writer and has developed a strong background with a myriad of issues. He attended graduate school at Penn State and is working on his masters degree in marketing communication at the University of South Carolina.

A couple of Saturdays ago he was in town for a talk to a group of early childhood care givers as part of his job with the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs. We had a great lunch after that talk, getting reacquainted and catching up. Since the camera was handy I asked Charles if he would share a little about what is job with Consumer Affairs entails, an opportunity for current students to understand the breadth of activities and skills needed for many communication positions.

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