Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Quiet Around the Coker Campus students have been throwing some luggage into cars for much of the day and pulling out to Spring Break locations. Just talked with one student who is heading home to Hartsville, where she plans to sleep for the next four days. A second student was heading home to Ohio, where she was anticipating cold. It is 70 degrees here at Coker this afternoon. Coker's Spring Break is from today through Sunday, March 8, the day daylight savings time comes back to the clocks.

The other big trip happening this Spring Break are the Coker Singers on tour in Washington, D.C. and North Carolina. Overhearing conversations, I am thinking the singers are excited to be on the road.

Spring Break comes at the middle of the semester but it always seems like there is almost no time left between when we return and graduation. Won't be lone before students are again in finals -- using a video here of students in a midterm at Coker. You can hear (almost nothing) as the students write, focusing on the answers.

Sports teams are not on any real break. The softball team left this morning for a weekend tournament in Spartanburg, S.C. The Coker men's basketball team is home on Saturday in the first game of the Conference Carolinas tournament and the Cobra women's basketball team is at home on Sunday for their first tourney game. It is big news for the basketball teams to be hosting tournament games -- both teams have had exciting seasons.

Baseball is heading out on Monday to play at Erskine, two games that were weather delayed from this weekend.

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