Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Lead wih Luv"

"Lead with Luv" is part of the title of a new book co-written by Kenneth Blanchard of ONE MINUTE MANAGER fame and Coleen Barrett, president emeritus of Southwest Airlines. I have only read a few pages of the first chapter but this book appears to be another good lesson in leadership that will be a quick read. The book is written primarily as a conversational Q&A between the co authors.

This book recommendation could make sense on the Community Thinking blog because leadership has to be a key ingredient in community building. I opted for the Coker College blog because this past semester I let the Organizational Communication class and it is clear from even the first three pages, this book is full of references to how you build culture in an organization -- communication is the key! One admonition my students get in every class is that the class is just the introduction to the idea, the learning takes place throughout your life. So the book recommendation makes sense in this blog.

Lead With LUV Book Synopsis
(from the web announcement)
As Southwest's President, Colleen Barrett proved that leading with love is the non-stop route to outstanding business performance. Now, in an inspiring conversation, Barrett and legendary leadership expert Ken Blanchard (The One Minute Manager) explain what love-based leadership really means...why there's nothing "soft" about it...and how you can start leading with love right now, wherever you are!

So by now, you may be asking yourself, where does "LUV" come into all of this? Since the 1970s, it's been Southwest Airlines' New York Stock Exchange symbol, and represents their philosophy and commitment to both their employees and customers.

"Even the idea of Ken Blanchard and Colleen Barrett creating a book together staggers the imagination.... For the committed reader it will be a truly life-altering event."

—Tom Peters, New York Times bestselling author of
In Search of Excellence

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