Monday, January 24, 2011

Job market is tough; there have been cracks

Over the past month or so at least four relatively recent Coker College Communication major graduates have landed jobs. This is really good news because the job market has been tough.

Every time I talk with students about jobs, I mention that I found finding a job to be about the hardest job I have ever had. This past two years and, still today, the job supply is small and that makes finding any job, let alone your choice job, a very hard goal to accomplish. The four students I have heard from have jobs inside the careers they are hoping to develop and that is good news.

A recent USA TODAY had an interesting review of a new book in the job hunting field, CRACKING THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET that I think lots of people might find interesting.

Any former or current students wanting to talk about the job search can call at your convenience. This sabbatical will not stop me from getting back to you quickly about a job-search strategy.

Who are those job winners? Tom, Audrey, Rachel, Tyson

Would love to hear more from those of you who have found a way to crack the market. Maybe some of you could post a reply and let people know how you did it.

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