Friday, January 28, 2011

Art - Powerful political tool? Ask Coker's Jean Grosser

Art can be a powerful political tool and Professor Jean Grosser, chair of the Coker College Art Department has been demonstrating this over most of her career. According to a news release from the college, she has work that will be displayed as part of the "Road to Equality, The 1961 Freedom Rides" art display at the historic Greyhound Bus Station in Montgomery, Alabama. That show will open May 20.

Visitors to the Coker College Art gallery have been able to enjoy some of Professor Grosser's work the past couple of weeks at the Faculty Art Exhibit on the campus. Clicking on that news release link will give readers a little more insight to the vision on which some of her work is based. Professor Grosser is an accomplished artist who gets great satisfaction from the opportunity to share her passion and knowledge as part of the Circle of Learning on our Coker College campus. This place has some brilliant and talented people who are great colleagues and whom students get to know on a personal basis. It is one of the major reasons I find my job so satisfying.

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