Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are in the Cow Days of Coker

Just a few minutes ago I ran into Dr. Fred Edinger, a geology professor at Coker, who in a previous life was working in Student Activities at Coker. He was one of the people who can take credit for the C-O-W Day events that Coker celebrates in the early days of February every year.

He said there was a group of Coker people discussing how to make things more exciting at Coker during mid-winter days of 1976. They were engaging in the brainstorming process of getting a lot of ideas on the wall. It happened to be a year like 2010, when the Winter Olympics were in Innsbruck, Austria. Someone suggested getting Innsbruck to give the Winter Games to Coker. Nope.

But, in typical brainstorming success, the idea came to create an Olympics of Winter at Coker -- hence the name Coker Olympics of Winter -- COW Days. This is COW week and lots of silly and fun things are the schedule with the COW Day games pitting class vs class on Saturday.

The video is the tall, wind driven Cow who is welcoming all to campus this Coker Olympics of Winter week.

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