Thursday, February 25, 2010

Night Student Finishes last class at Coker College

Captain John McLeod just turned in his final exam in Communication 101 about five minutes ago and that was his last classroom act as an undergraduate. Tonight he finished his requirements for a Coker College degree. John is the Patrol Captain for the Darlington County Sheriff's Department and he has been attending Coker's night program to get his degree in Criminology. Just before we started the exam this evening the class gave him a round of applause for this accomplishment. Most of the night students are what we term "non traditional" in that in addition to pursuing a college degree most of them have families, have full-time jobs and usually a lot of other things going on. But, these night students come to Coker because of the need for a degree. The really interesting thing is that when they leave Coker, many of them take with them a major surprise -- they have found out how much fun learning has been and can be. I was hoping we have a little video here so you can hear that message directly from Captain McLeod but he finished the exam and is probably doing some of his own celebrating. We asked him what he thought as he started this last exam and his words were something like --"It has really passed by fast!" Congratulations to Captain McLeod.

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