Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank you so much for your contribution to Coker College

For the Wes Daniels and Lynn Blackmon of the Coker Development and Alumni offices some of the sweetest sounds they are hearing this week come from students thanking alumni for their contributions to the annual Scholarship Found through the Phone-A-Thon.

Wes Daniels said the 2010 Phone-A-Thon is a four-day event with 12 students busily dialing numbers for about three hours a night. The first two days of the event the students had raised about $6,000 even in this tough economy.

From a faculty person's perspective it was interesting to see the operation in action. It was also interesting to watch and listen to the students as they made these calls. There was a high level of energy, even after a no, or a "wrong number." And, the students on the phone sounded very energized when someone on the other end thanked them for calling and renewed their pledge.

Hope you get a feeling for some of this energy in the video from the Tuesday night calling, which is taking place from the college's new library and technology center.

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