Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Pause is what they are calling it here

On Friday we had the first day of what is a three-class day Spring Break for Coker College. Hard to call it spring with the cooler temperatures we have been enjoying this winter. It is up to 55 today and that would be a good Spring day for upstate NY but a bit on the cool side for Hartsville, SC. We got Friday off, will get Monday off and Tuesday with classes resuming again on Wednesday. Will it be enough time to catch up; that is my big question? One good thing is that we finished phone interviews with potential new communication professors last week and will be able to do reference checks during this short break.

But, not everyone gets a break. The baseball team had a three game series with Pieffer College this weekend. Both the basketball teams finished the regular season on Saturday afternoon. The golf team is readying for a tournament this weekend and the beginning of the week. The Coker Chamber Singers were performing in NYC over this break. Professor Jean Grosser took a number of art students and art-interested students to NYC for immersion in art. But this is our Spring Break, so let's ENJOY!

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