Wednesday, February 3, 2010

COKER COLLEGE: Bow Thai Kitchen

COKER COLLEGE: Bow Thai Kitchen

This is a really great story because these two former Coker students are defying the odds as they not only opened the restaurant, they are finding it crowded on many nights, despite a down economy. Sometimes I kid Donnie because I am fond of saying that Communication is a door-opening major and becoming a restaurant owner is certainly a door opening profession. Donnie is also a writer (don't remember if he doubled as an English major or minor) and that just demonstrates how all the classes he took helped point toward his career. I am not writing quite as much about Peet because she was not in communication and I only saw her Coker career from afar.

Both Peet and Donnie have several Coker friends helping them with the restaurant and I am guessing that as we begin to get spring visitors coming back for baseball, softball, golf, and basketball, the Bow Thai will become a destination for Coker grads over the next couple of months.

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