Sunday, August 3, 2008

Working world is fun and eye opening

Kristin came by to see me on Friday. She is going to be her class representative along with her former roommate and she headed to Hartsville from Greenville on Friday afternoon. Her company is Fertis Communication and she is one of the media coordinators, buying lots of space for clients like Lowes. She will have been with Fertis a year in October. It was fun hearing from Kristin how some of those things covered in the classroom come back in the workplace. She told about being able to see things taking place in work place communication and being able to remember back to her theory class with Dr. Lellis and getting an explanation for why and how things were going. She had some amazing observations about the difficulty of communicating within a company from multiple locations and how important she is finding it to know how her role in the company fits into things other people are doing. One of the other things she discussed was how things you don't think would have any affect on your job all of a sudden keep you from accomplishing your mission. One major example were the California fires. She took a phone call from a trucker who was carrying advertising tabloids but because of the smoke and fire conditions he was not allowed to drive to the destination. I want to remember that example for the Organizational Communication class. She is enjoying Greenville, is enjoying being responsible and on her own. I really enjoyed hearing some of her observations about workplace communications -- reinforcing how important it is that we at least introduce students to how communication can support accomplishing the organization mission.

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