Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dinner opens the Semester

We always start the first semester at Coker with a dinner to meet the new faculty. Tonight's was a fun and delicious dinner and everyone appeared excited for the new semester. One of the major differences in Coker and other institutions is that our size allows us to gather as an entire team, where at many other schools they have to do their socializing within departments or parts of departments to manage the numbers. It is always interesting getting to say hello after the summer and hear some of the amazing things these faculty members do to sharpen the edges so the students can their best efforts. Several had been to Europe despite the dollar/Euro ratio. Others had done some fellowship studying and a few were able to develop some additional research. A lot of fascinating things going on.

And, since this is one of those personal type blog postings THANKS to Marsha and Jennifer and Vicki for the planning and execution.

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