Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Athletic Trainer is from Hartsville

Just had the pleasant experience of running into Josh Euten in the Coker Student Union building., "Have you heard," he asked with a big smile. "I am the head athletic trainer for Coker." Wow, what a great idea it was to bring Josh to Coker. I can't pretend to go over his credentials here but he has most recently been with McLeod but got a lot of his training at the University of South Carolina. he has his masters and in addition to being the athletic trainer he was also a professor at Chowan University. Josh is a Hartsville native and was introduced to the concept of athletic training with the Hartsville High sports program where he spent a lot of time as student trainer with the Running Foxes football program. Josh's brother, Matt, is a Coker Alum - a former catcher on the Cobra baseball team, and a biology major, who has his masters and is a fisheries biologist.

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  1. woah.. i didn't know that.. that's great. I remember when my brother played football he was the student trainer. When he went to USC my mom would always spot him on the sidelines at football games and say "there's josh" haha..