Friday, August 29, 2008

Matt Ferguson is a recent Fulbright Scholar

I was perusing the Coker web site to check on the dates for Fall Break and saw this recent posting about Matt Ferguson's Fulbright year in Indonesia. Maggie Meyer, who graduated this past May, will be heading to Malaysia as a Fulbright Scholar in January. Coker may not be a large college but we do get to watch student achieve some extraordinary feats. Two Fulbrights in two years and we have at least one student getting ready to apply for this year -- all of these students from different disciplines. Matt was an English major; Maggie was communication and international studies and the next person is in Biology.

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  1. Matt Ferguson and Maggie Meyer also majored in Political Science according to information I should have known. Thought Maggie's international studies was the political science. As a former political science major myself, we need to get that stuff straight.