Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crisis Communication remains an important subject

One of the courses that I particularly enjoy teaching at Coker is the course in media relations and crisis communication. That is two big subjects lumped into one but as we try to cover some ground in the professional side of our major, we incorporate those two major areas.

One of the people I quote in that course in Jonathan Bernstein, who writes a regular Crisis Communication blog and has an interesting, useful booklet on the subject called "Keeping the Wolves at Bay."

This month's newsletter talks about using the codes of ethics of reporters to help the reporters keep in touch with how they should ethnically be covering a story. And, I make the case in class that a crisis is an event that is going to be covered; it is by its nature - News. The Crisis Manager helps me stay abreast of what is being discussed in this particular specialty of the communication profession.

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