Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enrolling new students is fun

I am often in my Coker College office during the summer so I get some opportunities to help new students enroll in classes for the coming year. To Krista was in with his sister and parents from Georgetown. Krista is going to be a communication major so it ws particularly enjoyable being able to put her into classes. I noticed that our Introduction to Mass Communication class is already at the 20 max. Dr. Mark Glantz, our new addition to the Coker Communication program is going to be teaching that course this fall.

Intro to Mass Comm is our introductory course for majors and we like seeing it reach its max. I also had the opportunity of putting Jessie into classes today as she transfers from a nearby college. She is coming in as a Sophomore with many of her liberal arts core courses on the transcript. She is thinking that she may want to be an FBI agent and she's going to be majoring in psychology and criminology to pave the way for this plan.

We are closing in on the new academic year, which begins about the second week of August and the plans are that we will have another record first-year class. Our baseball coaches have continued to recruit and I had the opportunity to talk with one of those recruits today about how academics blends with athletics. This student was here with his parents who had a concern about how the he would get along in an environment that would be so much different than his high school. Coker's size makes this college a true learning community and it is easy to calm the fears of parents that if a student will do what she or he should do they are going to be able to do well in the Coker environment.

Combine those meetings with a an after-action get together of professors who were teaching our first online courses this summer and you have a interesting day on the Coker College campus.

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