Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dan Edelman’s 10 Principles for Success

Dan Edelman’s 10 Principles for Success

One of the courses I really enjoy teaching is Public Relations and we have a couple of ways we teach that. One of the significant portions of the Marketing Communication course that I teach includes public relations. And, occasionally I get to teach the Principles of Public Relations Course and regularly we teach Public Relations Writing.

Dan Edelman is one of the PR professionals I looked up to in my formative public relations years. His agency was once one of the most resptected independent Public Relations firms in the business. I believe we should learn from some of these guiding lights and the 10 success principles that were released as part of the celebration of his 90th birthday are, I believe, valuable ideas for thinking about key behaviors in business and life. Were I teaching the class now, I would be sharing this article with students. Since we are on the summer break it is nice to be able to share via the blog.

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