Monday, February 9, 2009

Students enjoying hearing from those in the field

This term I am teaching a class called Crisis Communication and Media Relations. This class combines two Public Relations specialties that we don't usually get to in a general PR writing course or a PR Principles course. One of the elements of this course that students seem to get a great deal from are the visits from people who are in the field, doing these jobs.

This past Thursday, for example, Captain Andy Locklair of the Darlington County Sheriff's Department discussed the media relations concept from both the law enforcement perspective and from the perspective of his own experience as a talk show host and former television news assignment editor. So far we have had three visitors and all have enriched the background of the students and they have all enhanced the messages that are important in both the crisis communication field and the medial relations practice. Those visitors have included Lynwood Eppes from Darlington County Emergency Preparedness, Audrey Childers, of the Darlington County School District and Captain Locklair.This video is a brief slice of Captain Locklair's discussion:

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