Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What other college has C.O.W Days

In the dreariness of midwinter there are times when there just isn't that much to do, even on a college campus. Years and years ago a students services person and the Coker students of the day dreamed up some events they called the Coker Olympics of Winter. Lots of stuff that was silly and usually fun (you probably have to be here) and those COW Days became a tradition that exists today. The students spice a lot of events with interclass competition frosh and juniors vs sophs and seniors for the COW bragging rights. For example, tonight at the half time of the guys' basketball game against Barton there will be a "Pin the tail" on the cow contest. Remember, I mentioned that you might have to be here to appreciate the tradition. The included video is the dancing cow, who calls the attention of the campus to the hallowed activities of this traditional week. Highlighting this year's COW Days (not to be confused with South Park episode, Coker was here first)was the snow that greeted everyone as they got out of bed on Wednesday morning. We don't see that much and now twice in one winter.

The way the story is handed down, the student services person was Fred Edinger who went on for his Ph.D. and who has been on staff at Coker for a lot of years and many of them as our resident Geology expert(Professor of Geology). So, what are some of the other C.O.W. Day activities? There is the lip-synch contest, believe that was held last night. There is the Miss Cow contest -- a sort of reverse (in many ways) beauty contest. The classes are even vying for bragging rights in a Bloodmobile that is on campus tomorrow. There is also a morning of quasi-olympic activites that include events like the wings-eating championship. All of this is part of the experience of a small liberal arts college with 100 years behind us and our second hundred just begun.

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