Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun hearing from students who have graduated

Just got a Facebook note from Patrick Hammie, who is a 2004 graduate of Coker. He was art major with a minor in psychology. I got to meet Patrick in a speech class and we stayed in touch while he was a student. In 2008 he earned an MFA in painting and is now producing painting and teaching in the Connecticut area. You can visit his website.

And just the other day Jen Crocker Roberts noted that she had watched her old team, the Coker Women's Tennis Team, as they played at Converse in Spartan burg, SC. She was commenting on she missed those good old days of competition and camaraderie with the tennis team. We commiserated about how fast time really does fly. Jen, who was a communication major, is working on her Masters in Teaching.

And, right now I have two scrabble-type of word games going with graduates -- Suzanne and Ashley -- who are both just killing me with their high scores. Facebook is amazing connecting tool.

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