Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coker College still a few openings for this fall's class


Earlier today I stopped by the Wiggins House, which is the location of the College Admissions Department, to meet the new Director of Admissions, Adam Connolly. This is his second week on the job. While in Admissions,I found out Coker still has a few openings for this Fall's class. The college is growing and we expanded the proposed size of the first-year class.

Coker does keep its admissions process open until the new school year begins and this has often proved helpful for students who made late decisions to attend college or who changed plans. Other schools do the same thing, so it really is not too late to apply to college. There is still time to apply to Coker but you should move pretty quickly because it does take some time to get all the questions answered. The online application can give prospective students a bit of head-start. Any students or parents who are looking for more information on the late admissions can talk to someone by calling 843-383-8050.

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