Sunday, July 3, 2011

Advice for Current Students from Graduates

Last semester I had the opportunity to be on a sabbatical. The sabbatical gave me some time conduct a resear project that we have discussed for a couple of years in the Coker Communication Department -- a survey of our graduates. I was able to survey a large percentage of the Coker grads from 2000-2010 and we have developed some interesting information. I think one of the most useful questions was the last one, asking grads what advice they might give current students. In past blogs I have shared some of these words of experience and will do that occasionally because I think these thoughts are so vital to understanding the Coker experience -- and, often, if listened to, will help some students get even more from this experience.

THE MOST RECENT COMMENT -- from a student who has a Masters in Public Administration, a new baby and a job that she is finding very rewarding:

Be fiscally responsible, but take advantage of every learning opportunity available to you while working towards your undergraduate education. This includes lunch & learns and networking and attending college campus events. The more you learn and the more contacts you make the easier it will be for you to land a successful job in a challenging job market. Take advantage of study abroad opportunities if it makes financial sense to you because once you enter the real world those opportunities are far from grasping. Also, don't give up on yourself. Searching for a job is HARD WORK!!! Trust in yourself and your abilities and keep a positive outlook.

Never under-value a job opportunity or anyone you meet upon graduation or while studying in college. If you feel strongly about a job or field of interest, keep networking and working towards building a career for yourself. Most importantly, be direct, positive and patient in your career search. (And soak up your time at Coker-- It was one of the best experiences of my life. I met some of the most influencial people in Harstville, South Carolina. I wouldn't change any of it, and I strongly think that I will feel that way my entire life)

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