Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Speakers Gave Audience Lots to Ponder

The Annual Coker College Speech Contest was held on Wednesday, December 3, 2010 with Ryan Jones of Kershaw winning the first-place prize in the competition. Second place went to Hannah Beard and third place to Sarah Grogan. The winning speech was about the reasons teachers deserve and should get better pay.

Other contestants in this year's Speech Contest included Keyonna Spann, Daniele Bush, Matthew Zelinski, Robin Risher. The contest is sponsored by the communications section of the Literature, Language and Communication Department and Student Services.

The topics for the contest were wide ranging. In addition to the teacher pay talk, there was a talk about why Coker is a great college, a talk about the dedication and compassion of human service providers, a short history of Karate, reasons we should all put fitness into our daily lives, the importance of preventing unwanted pregnancies and never giving into the stresses of life.

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