Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jobs still tough to come by

Just reading a message from Tyson, Masters Degree from West Virginia in Sports Management and his undergraduate degree from Coker in communication. He saw this article on CNN and shared it because of how well is demonstrates the horrible job market. Tyson is doing some free lance work at a newspaper in his hometown but he is ready to help some sports oriented organization take their events to the next level.

Tyson is not alone in being a highly capable person who has not been able to find a job in this economic climate. These people are working hard at the job hunt. On the flip side, I have been getting some good news from some other recent grads who are beginning to see some opportunities. They notice that the competition is intense but they welcome the opportunity to compete.

Any of you looking for a job who want to share links to your resume or some other thoughts about the process, let me know and we can share some of these ideas as part of this blog.