Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lots of talent, lots to do, lots of learning and lots of fun

Today I am selling lots --
Lots of Talent
There was so much talent on display last night at the annual Christmas Concert by the Coker Singers and Coker Chamber Singers along with faculty who were in support. I should be more eloquent about music that would have been at home in any of the great concert venues of the world but my response still comes down to WOW!

Lots to do
So, this is the last week of classes. In fact, classes for the semester in the day program at Coker College finish on Thursday, December 2. Yet, this week there is so much to do. Tonight, for example, there is a Speech Contest and there are seven competitors going after the prize money. At nearly the same time there is a workshop sponsored by SIFE that has to do with presenting yourself in getting a job. A recruiter from a multi-billion dollar corporation is leading that discussion. Student groups are doing special programs, professors are putting on programs for stress relief and relaxation while other professors are reminding students of work that should have been turned in but has not yet arrived. Lots to do. Tomorrow is a dance informal, the opening of conference basketball play and a couple of more things before the LATE NIGHT BREAKFAST, put on by ARAMARK with faculty and staff doing the cooking and serving. Students always find that a popular event prior to reading day.

Lots of Learning
Today was the last day of speech class for the MWF classes. My class had short specialty speeches and we laughed, cried, and were touched by tributes and treats. Project presentations are dominating the content of many classes and lots of people are hearing about new and interesting things their peers have discovered. Some are learning hard lessons, like not being able to make up an entire semester of work in the final week of the semester. Others are learning their work is paying off. Both lessons work.

Lots of Fun
Yesterday at lunch I mentioned to two of my colleagues that teaching at a liberal college is the best job I have had so if "fun" works in that context, I have it. But, at the same time I can look around the campus and notice that students continue to have fun even in the crunch of the final week.

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