Monday, December 13, 2010

Semester is ending as Winter Begins

The Cobra women are on the road for a basketball game against S. S. State this evening if my Facebook interpretations are correct.

Tuesday night the Cobra men will be hosting Newberry at the Timberlake-Lawton gym on the Coker campus for the last basketball game of 2010. Both teams start back on January 3 despite the majority of students not getting back to campus until Jan. 17.

One of the buzz events around the season has been the Coker Development Video of the 12 Needs of Christmas. Hope the link works you will find Harrison did a good job on the creation of the video. Lots of people are enjoying it and we hope they are getting the message and sending some Christmas green.

Faculty are working on their last grading today with the grade postings deadline for Tuesday at about 11, I think. According to Facebook, many students have their semester results -- those who post them are generally happy.

Tomorrow there is a faculty-staff lunch and that should be fun. Despite the wind down, there are still things happening. Some job candidates on campus, prospective students are visiting and one search committee will spend a good bit of Thursday and Friday on phone interviews to narrow down candidates for a teaching job.

And despite the fact that our temperatures on the campus are about 20 degrees below normal for time of year, winter really does not arrive until next week. Many are looking forward to next week because this is the first time in lots of years that nearly all offices and personnel will be out for the Christmas holidays.

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