Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is slower but things still moving ahead

Summer is certainly slower on a college campus than the academic times but there is still a log going on.

There has been search committee busy at work to find a new person for the Music Department in Piano studies. The result of that committee work was that four very talented people were on campus to interview for the job. My guess is the committee had a tough decision but the top line is that each of the candidates was strong so their decision will be the right one, whatever the decision.

Yesterday morning got to meet the new student activities/student leadership person, Lisa Potoka. Her first day on the job and she was getting immersed in Coker Connection and several of the other plans that are forming for the return of students.

Most of the coaches are on their vacations but many of them are on campus. We were discussing Coach Stenman's volleyball team and he is pumped for the possibilities and wishes the season was closer. Over the past couple of days I got to talk with potential baseball recruits and parents about the academic side of Coker. I really enjoy those conversations.

One of the busiest groups on campus at this time is the Admissions Office, which is still working to bring in new first-year students for the Class of 2013.

And then, you have a few students around for the day summer classes and the larger contingent for Term V in the night classes. Still a lot happening...

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