Sunday, June 7, 2009

Megan Stone, Coker Dance, in SUN NEWS story

Meagan Stone is a Coker student working in Myrtle Beach this summer. She is one of the college students asked by a SUN NEWS reporter if they have advice for recent high school grads. This is her response and there is a link to the full story in the blog.

Meagan Stone
After graduating, Stone went to Coker College in Hartsville to major in dance and choreography. She came back to the Grand Strand for the summer and is working at Freestyle Music Park dancing in the show "Flip 5 Live."

"Don't let people stop you from meeting your goals, and no matter what comes your way, be positive in life. Don't stay with a crowd you've known for a while, like high school friends. The college experience is to make new friends and to expand the horizons."

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