Friday, June 19, 2009

Presidents' Transition At Open House

The Coker Admissions staff put together a strong open house on Friday, June 17 with a large number of prospective students and many parents. There was a significant number of faculty who interrupted their summer to be part of this information-packed event. And, as usual, one of the highlights for the prospective students was hearing from a student panel about what Coker is REALLY like. This weekend is training for students helping with Coker Connection (Sunday Through Tuesday) so there was a good representative group for students to hear from.

One of the unique aspects of this particular event was that Dr. James B. Dawson, the current president, welcomed the group -- as his last really official act as President of Coker. He retires at the end of this month. Dr. Robert Wyatt, who was in town this weekend, made his first sort of official representation of Coker as he welcomed the group and share with them a couple of his top ten reasons for choosing Coker for his new job.

Students are the lifeblood of small liberal arts colleges like Coker and it was fun to talk with so many at this event.

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