Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some nighttime observations

The Library/Information Center is getting a good bit of use as the semester quickly winds down. I have not spent as much time there this year but it really is a great place to study and check over news writing portfolios, which is what I was doing. My observations, however, come from going upstairs in the LIT building tonight and seeing all the research posters ready for the undergraduate research symposium that will be going on all day tomorrow. Another observation was a colleague, Dr. Mac Williams, a Spanish instructor, who was with a group of students in the faculty research room going over Spanish 102. This was not a night class. This was a professor who said to his students if you will come I give you some more of my time so you can learn this language. Above and beyond but not atypical for this campus. Then, as I walked back to my office I saw our Provost, who lives about 60 miles away from Hartsville, coming into the library. She had just been to student-directed one act plays and was heading in the check out the research displays -- then she is heading home to Columbia. And the list grows as two or three other faculty members were heading in different directions across campus talking and working with students. My observation -- this does not happen everywhere.

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