Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coker Grad voted into S.C. Coaches Hall of Fame

did something I don't usually do and borrowed from my "Community Thinking" blog for this posting but alumni are crucial to a college and Coach Hewitt continues to bring honors to Coker with her accolades....

Pat Hewitt, Excellence in our midst in Hartsville, S. C.
Coach Pat Hewitt of the Hartsville High Red Foxes is going to become part of the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame this July, according to a story in today's MORNING NEWS of Florence.

Coach Hewett, a graduate of Coker College, has been deeply involved with girl athletes at Hartsville High since the early 1970s. On a personal note, I covered many of Coach Hewett's first teams as a reporter for the MESSENGER in Hartsville. She was one of the sources I would go to when writing stories about the Title IX legislation that attempted to get a more level playing field for women athletes in this country. Coach Hewett is extremely deserving of the honor her fellow coaches are bestowing and Hartsville has been fortunate to have her excellent talent and values influencing so many of our children for several decades. Coach Hewitt is just one example of people in our community who go about their every day lives making heroic differences for the quality of life we enjoy in Hartsville.

Congratulations, Coach Hewitt.

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